26 March 2006

Picture taken on my new celluar phone. No colour alterations. I'm amazed.
And my model was ill.

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24 March 2006

We walked last night from Chinatown to Bugis, and entered our new university campus on the way. Walking makes you see many things you'd have otherwise missed on the bus. And of course, dancing, cabaret style, cannot be done onboard the buses.

This is a preview of a project in process:

I am bothered by coerced involvements in the creative process. It's disturbing. I can comprehend what Jing felt when her Migrant Voices CD Design got altered into a stick man composition that is imbalanced, haphazard and totally 'experimental'. And I could see her face when I read on the papers yesterday that The Fun Stage is going to confer their own diploma in drama.

I have picked up design books to rationalize my designs to these mules. So if i bombard them with theory, nothing can go wrong. The only two theories I know prior to this is "Symmetry" and "Less is More". I think they're sick of these already. I have found phrases like "Constructivist Feel" and "On Balance" and more.. which can be used in the very near future I see. Ohm.

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18 March 2006

I fell into such a deep sleep on a ten minute ride home just now that, if not for the violent jerk caused by an emergency brake, I'd have arrived an hour later at an interchange so far away, awake from a dream so sweet to a reality that is really a nightmare.

My lethargy has very obvious causes. I've been really busy with projects that keep coming in. My energy is just depleting by the day, and camp life becomes almost therapeutic. I cannot use the stone-age computers to process my data and to so I try to catch up on my sleep in the barracks. It's been unsucessful so far, being often called up for some unimportant but sudden matters and occurances.

Thursday was the only day I slept really well last week. And I was home. I say Thursday because we slept at 3a.m., and woke up only at 2 in the noon. It was grand. Sleep does wonders.

I've been driving alot at night, mostly meeting my buddy for supper/breakfast after work. An inexplicable mood/feeling sets in me each time I drive on the highway past midnight. It's that moment of existing in that moment, and in that instant, you find a reason to exist. I just hear the wind against the window, and my buddy sleeps quietly, nodding off to the songs on the stereo.

Alfian's collaboration has been left on the shelf guiltily for the past many months. His text and imagery still etched in my head, but my vision for the project still unclear. I was elated in finding a bus stop that had exactly what I had in mind for the first chapter, but there are so many factors that hinder a timed completion.

I am so sorry, Alfian.

My agent sent me to an audition by a theatre group, which I got through, and I will be appearing soon enough in their annual fund-raiser. Much controversy surrounds this group, of which I shall not disclose, but I hope all goes well. This will keep me busy till May.

A friend approached me with his thick cheque book to do his company's corporate publicity material. This has kept me busy and will be keepin me busy, also till May.

I aim to close all my projects by mid May, and make merry in Hongkong.

After all these, I realise that art is so much more tedious than what is commercial. In art, there are stories to tell, feelings to convey, whereas what encompasses commercial work is simply technique. Miss Singapore Universe is such an appropriate example. I haven't seen worst art direction and styling. Besides, the technique isn't so great either.

Okay, off to sleep.

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