31 December 2006

No one else has ever managed to make me feel so sad.

The last time it happened, it was two years ago on duty at Changi International Airport.

I feel like a terrible friend now.

i slept after the last phone conversation, hoping answers would come in my dreams. But when I woke up, it was already dusk. Dark, and gloomy. And more confused than ever.

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30 December 2006

When I said I left my heart in Cairo, I meant the heart I use to take on travels – the one that is euphoric and doped – assuredly lighter than the one I use to walk with on the hardened roads of this city. The lightness is inexplicable; its source fundamentally untraceable. But it exists: not on its own but as a twin of the other.

It was the last thing I needed. It took me years to understand this specific human condition I was subjected to. My Dad’s voice on the phone was one that judged – an accusation that warranted an unquantifiable penalty. Undoubtedly rhetorical, it is now no longer a question that needed an answer.

On Kerbau Road, I walked through the familiar doors painted a bright red, climbing the staircase that was filmed for such many different purposes. I was overjoyed to discover over a dozen shadows hovering in the dark, and finally illuminated by Dynamo bottles and Taxi stands. I never contemplated it. It was the first birthday surprise I had ever received, a party that was planned for me to walk into. I loved it; and everyone who was part of it.

I am 21, but what does that mean?

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27 December 2006

I'm Home

I took 860 photos on the trip. It was an amazing trip.

I am traveling up north to visit a friend in a few hours time. Before I leave, here are some photos of Egypt - unedited and in original colours. Will post more when I return.

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17 December 2006

In approximately 12 hours 35 minutes, I'd reach Cairo, Egypt, where it's 20°C in the day and 4°C at night. I'd be spending Christmas on the Nile River, albeit 5 hours behind Singapore time.
I've been looking forward to this trip since it was planned. And even now, as I type this, my fingers tremble with anticipation, but not without hesitation. There are unresolved issues in Singapore, which I guess will only be revisited when I return.
I'm leaving now.
Goodbye - will return in 10 days.

"Me too".

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13 December 2006

I don't understand.. I want to.

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11 December 2006

Weekend - Four Pictures

Another wedded couple in my family.
On the way to the house:

My Mother always does that on the car. Putting on her lipstick on the way to work, to the market, the restaurant, any other destination. My Aunt used to say she has crooked lips because the lip liner cannot be drawn on properly.

My dog before we left the house: always lonely and waiting for somebody to play with her.

I think my dad gave me this part of his genes.


Something is not right. I don't know what. And it bothers me.

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07 December 2006

Pulau - An island tale

I caught the full run today and snapped some production shots. Do support it! It's a brilliant script with a terrific cast. Definitely one of the best productions this year.


The Substation Theatre
7, 8 & 9 December, 8 pm
9 December, 3pm
$25 from Gatecrash

Performance in mandarin
May not be suitable for children under 16 years.
Written by Ng How Wee, Directed by Adrian Tan, Performed by Peter Sau, Judy Ngo

Pulau - An island tale
An island. Two souls.
She is searching for her forgotten scent and loses her way.
He loses his way but offers her a map.
Carrying a suitcase that cannot be opened.
Hunting down cannibalistic cows.
And watching corpses swim in a pool of black oil.
What else can they do?

The story happens on an island smaller than ours, barely large enough for two. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, they reminisce, talk, love, feed and play. It keeps them sane.
An examination of our environment, our identity and things we have to forgo. It reflects on the meaning, or the lack of it, in our existence.
Can they find a way out?

"This local production has proven just what long-lastingly impactful theatre should be in its simple but concentrated emotional and intellectual totality. Pulau will stab you in the heart even as it is chewing on your brain." - Jocelyn Chua, playwright.

* * * * *

I am having a major headache.

I must have snapped more than 800 photographs over the past two days. I thought I could see my eyes adjusting the depth of field on two aunties having supper at Hongkong Cafe just now.

More photographs taken today:

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06 December 2006

The Lightness of Being

I'm back to shooting the catalogue project which I've delayed for half a year. My school work is all behind me now, and all I really want to do it work work work! I guess I really love working with images.

We started off with something really moody:

And more moody:

And then something brighter:

Something I'm unsure of because I never lit up well enough or styled the model well enough for close ups:

Crazily tired! Another day of shoots ahead!
The duo:

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