27 February 2009

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I love the freedom on a motorcycle. I am inspired to get a license for the scooter.

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25 February 2009

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24 February 2009

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23 February 2009

Our Hilarious Metaphors

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My Father celebrated his birthday a day before I left for Taipei. I don't know when his real birthday is. When he came to Singapore at the age of 7 from China, it was said that my Grandfather reported a wrong date to the officials.

It's a family joke to not know when we should be celebrating his birthday or to celebrate it on different days every year.


Two scenes from Benjamin Button struck me:
1. There was a birthday celebration at the home. While the "Happy Birthday" song started normally, there was an overpowering vocal that joined in briefly after. It was the Wagner opera singer singing, to which I laughed. Next moment, she was gone.
2. At the dance studio, they stood facing the mirror. Benjamin says, "I want to remember this moment as it is."

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22 February 2009

My Mother, after sending guests off from the Lunar New Year Eve's reunion dinner at our place.

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21 February 2009

My Grandfather, taken on Lunar New Year's Day.

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ecological pond in the school. flowers are blooming. spring is here.

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20 February 2009

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19 February 2009

In an arcade on the top floor of a shopping mall, they have baseball simulation pitches.

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18 February 2009

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17 February 2009

You know you're in Taiwan when:

There are motorcycles that vroom past you when you cross the pedestrian crossing. And they call them 機車 (ji che).

And when you're 11 years behind.

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16 February 2009

Quilt on Culturepush.

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views from my room

drying some laundry. the sky was overcast with rainclouds. 101 was obscured.

on a clear day 101 is really just standing outside my window. the sun goes down in the late afternoon and it gets really dark by 1830hrs.

if you peer out of my window and look to your right, you see a hill. in the orange evening sun, long shadows of leaves and trees are cast magically on the buildings. but taipei city is essentially, still a city. i can't wait to travel to the suburbs.

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15 February 2009

From Taipei

My eyes are closed here.

He took my photograph. Uncannily, his eyes are shut too.

The photographer by profession. His eyes are wide open.

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04 February 2009

An image that's stuck in my head: I am seated in the car and I turn behind, peering through the windscreen. My mother is leaning against the metal gates of our house waving farewell, forcing a smile. She's evidently worried about me living alone for the next six months. My eldest brother is behind her, at the wooden door, also waving.

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02 February 2009

I arrived three days ago and as the Singaporean photographer has not returned from his holiday, I have yet to find out if there's a place I could develop film reliably. I brought two film cameras, both lightweight options - a slr with 50mm lens and a point-and-shoot. But I haven't started to shoot on any of them. I'm settling down, more or less. Meanwhile, there is my digital camera.

Yes winter, yes Taipei...

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