31 March 2008

Forgive me for being tacky

Happy Birthday

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28 March 2008

Yann Yann has joined Radio1003 as a part-time presenter!
She will be on air every Saturday at 12 noon.
Li Xie returns to radio once again and she will be on air every Sunday at 12 noon.
Only on Radio1003.


I was in a generally foul mood the whole of today. I think I am headed for a burn out soon, what with the mountainous load of work piling up in both our schools. I dread that we have to work with and around time constraints.
I'm just excessively whiny. I should hide at home.

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23 March 2008

Airport, 2a.m.

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22 March 2008

My brother flew to Spain today with our digital SLR camera, so I decided to take out my old point and shoot digital camera for fun. Perhaps I shall keep a visual diary to keep me from going mad with all the school work.

Went to a pasar malam before going home. All pictures taken between 2230hrs to 2330hrs.


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19 March 2008


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17 March 2008

Darren Ng's breezy non troppo melodies will bring an unalloyed delight to your ears. He adorns his outwardly simple refrains with a rococo intricacy that is both exciting and meditative at the same time. How is that possible, you ask? Depending on what you unearth from his soundscapes each time it is played. Indeed, "Of Things Unending", this record lingers and will stay for an extended period on your iTunes as it still is on mine.

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16 March 2008

More on 120 Film

Left hand side taken by min, right hand side, me.

School work is a soulless mountain.

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10 March 2008

Min's parents sing in an opera troupe. His mother is an actress. His father plays the er-hu. His father, unfortunately, plays the instrument in dimly lit places and is hence not featured.

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07 March 2008

Poster (c) Loo Zihan

This time, I didn't have the comfort of an audience to make me laugh at awkward moments. I was silent throughout the seven and half minutes, internalizing the conversation, revising it, preparing for the day I would have to do this with my mother.

Thank you Zihan for making this film.

I was reminded many times of this song from Li Kang Sheng's "The Missing". It's a childhood song my mother loved to sing. She even had a stitch art of the main character described in the song hanging on her bedroom wall. It's called Ni Wa Wa, or Earth Doll.

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06 March 2008

120mm Ilford FP4 Plus ISO-125 on Seagull
Processed by Koo Chia Meng

I love the supreme clarity of film and the absence of a preview - the anticipation of the processing and its eventual gratification or, sometimes, dismay.

I told Boo to look at the camera: un-smiling and smiling. I decided to snap on the latter.

The photograph is the perennial existence of an instant. Alfian smiled in this one.

Kelvin stared uncomfortably into the lens as I took time to focus. How did they ever sculpt such a perfect face?

He got used to the camera. But I also said, "Do whatever. I don't like posed shots."

We bonded over a luncheon in Hong Lim Square. No names, no numbers, just a photograph and a bowl of hot cuttlefish ball soup.

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04 March 2008

120mm Ilford HP5 on Seagull
They were framed in squares, but strangely exposed in rectangles.
I do not know why.
My first roll, dedicated to Tanjong Rhu, in production, and might as well named "Yann Yann's Roll"

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And since we're on the age thing:

Starring Alex Ng

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02 March 2008

Almost underage.

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